The OIF – An Institute at the University of Vienna

The Austrian Institute for Family Studies (OIF) at the University of Vienna is an independent scientific institute conducting application-oriented studies and basic research on the structure and dynamics of families, generations, genders, and partnerships. Based on interdisciplinary working methods, the OIF's main tasks include the cooperation with international research institutions, family policy consulting and extensive information and public relations work. Currently 16 employees work art the institute, carrying out both basic and application-oriented research projects.

The institute was established in 1994 as an independent non-profit association and since then has pursued the goal of conducting social science family research in an interdisciplinary and application-oriented manner and making it accessible to a broad public. Since April 2006, the OIF has been a third-party funded project according to § 27 UG 2002 at the University of Vienna. Within the university's structure the OIF is located mainly at the Faculty of Social Sciences. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Mazal (Faculty of Law, Institute of Labour Law and Law of Social Security) was appointed honorary director of the Institute by the Rector in 2006. A board of trustees acts as an advisory body and meets twice a year.

Central Documentation and Information Centre for Family Affairs

One of the most important tasks of the institute is the extensive information and communication work, through which well-founded knowledge about family life is made available to the interested public. To this end, the OIF uses various means of disseminating information, such as issuing publications, setting up a publicly accessible library, organising events and acting as a consultant.


Project Enquiries and Offers

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Art at the OIF

Our institute is designed with loans from the artists Dietmar Baierl, Brigitte Aiginger, Gabriela Pressl, Dénes Kovács und Claudia Jäger. Information on the artists and their work of art 


Dr. Helmuth Schattovits-Medal

The Catholic Family Association of Austria (KFÖ) has been awarding the "Dr. Helmuth Schattovits Medal" for special services to the KFÖ since 2017 as a regular honour in memory of the family expert and founder of the OIF who died in 2015. The head of the OIF, Univ.-Prof. Dr Wolfgang Mazal, was awarded the medal in May 2017 in recognition of his many years of support for the KFÖ in social and family policy issues. Further information