Main Points of the OIF's Service Work

In addition to project-related research activities the dissemination of information is one of the most important tasks of the Institute. This includes in particular

 - monthly publication (online) of the editorial newsletter "beziehungsweise" (only in German)
 - the event series 'Family 3.0' twice a year
 - the 'ÖIF-informiert' newsletter (only in German) since 2004
 - the open-access library
 - extensive media work
 - provision and procurement of family information
 - the annual updating of the statistical overview Familien in Zahlen (FiZ) (only in German)
 - as well as consulting and policy advice

 - Editorial Newsletter 'beziehungsweise'

This periodic editorial information service is  ̶  in addition to our publication series  ̶  the medium we use to briefly summarise family-relevant research findings to the public. We have been publishing 'beziehungsweise' since 1995 for the dissemination of current studies produced within and outside the OIF.

 - Library at the OIF

Our institute's own library currently contains over 9.000 books and journals. We also place particular emphasis on the collection of grey literature, some of which is out of print or difficult to obtain.

 - Download OIF-Logos

You can download our logo:

- as a JPEG file (suitable for the internet)
- as a TIF file (for print projects)