The OIF Team

In addition to the Head of Department, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Mazal, the interdisciplinary team of the institute includes currently 15 staff members from the following disciplines: sociology, economics, psychology, social pedagogy, statistics, ethnology, economics and law. The interdisciplinary approach, which enables a broad and differentiated recording of family aspects from the various scientific perspectives, represents a special challenge for the OIF's research work.

Institute's Management

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Mazal
Head of Department

Dr. Isabella Hranek
Managing Director


Ursula Hambrusch
Administration and Finances

Helena Hornung, MA

Dr. Markus Kaindl

Dr. Olaf Kapella
Social Pedagogue
Research Coordinator

Irmgard Lercher Barton
Office Management

Mag. Rudolf Karl Schipfer
Editor-in-Chief "beziehungsweise"

Dr. Eva-Maria Schmidt
Sociologist, Ethnologist

Former OIF Staff Members