Dr. Andreas Baierl


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Telephone availability at the Institute:
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 9.00 –15.00

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As a senior researcher at the Austrian Institute for Family Studies (OIF) Dr. Baierl conducts projects focusing on the planning and analysis of empirical studies and the reconciliation of family and employment. He also lectures on statistics as part of his teaching at the University of Vienna and is a member of the scientific advisory board for the evaluation of marriage and family-related benefits in Germany.

Research Focus and Projects

  • New Careers in Science. Family and career perspectives of female and male scientists: Working Paper Nr. 86
  • The situation of childcare in Austria: Study on the legal framework and the real situation: Working Paper 77
  • Tourism and the development of family structures, and family forms in Austria
  • Analyses of research on violence for the 'Gewaltprävalenz Studie 2011'
  • Study on new careers in science: Working Paper Nr. 86