In the Institute's publication series, scientific publications of finalised research projects are published by Budrich-Verlag. The series is published under the title Familienforschung – Schriftenreihe des österreichischen Instituts für Familienforschung.

The first volume was published in May 2009 with the aim of quickly publishing comprehensive results from currently finalised projects. Therefore the research reports are only available as pdf.

These provide information on partial results from current projects or present smaller studies in a compact form. The difference to the publication series and the research report lies primarily in the volume, which is why the working papers are particularly suitable for prompt publication and are only available as pdf downloads.

The statistical reference work "Families in Figures" (FiZ) is updated annually by the OIF and is available for download. In addition to an overview of changes in important family-related key figures, FiZ contains figures on the following topics: Births and fertility, marriages/divorces/registered partnerships, population development, household forms, family forms, employment, childcare, family and social benefits as well as European comparative data. In addition, FiZ contains a glossary with explanations of the technical terms used in family statistics.

"Focus Youth – An Overview in Figures" offers a compact overview of the most important data on the life situation of young people in Austria. 20 overview tables with key data and figures as well as 15 graphs provide a quick overview and show trends. The target group of this publication are all persons interested in quality youth data, especially stakeholders in the fields of youth policy and youth work. This publication was developed by the Austrian Institute for Family Research at the University of Vienna in cooperation with the Competence Centre Youth at the Federal Chancellery, Section V, and with the participation of stakeholders in youth policy.

Here you can find all publications, lectures and many other activities of the Austrian Institute of Family Studies in chronological order. The archive contains the working documents of the materials, monographs outside the publication series, publications of the European Observatory for Families and other publications.