Case Study: Austria

Eva-Maria Schmidt, Olaf Kapella, Susanne Vogl

This report comprises the findings on the use and integration of Digital Technologies (DT) in the lives of children ages 5-10 and their families. The report is organized as four case studies in Austria, Estonia, Norway and Romania. Data collection took place between the latter part of 2020 until the first half of 2021. Overall, 21 focus groups with children ages five–six (Kindergarten), 21 focus groups with 8–10 year old children (primary school) and 42 single interviews (total of 124 respondents) with children and family members were conducted. This report provides the foundation for the cross-country analyses and the final Deliverable of in work package 3 focusing on the family ecosystem.

Project: Family Studies in Austria, Department of Sociology
Publication date
Austrian Fields of Science 2012
504011 Genealogy
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