Recent Developments. Working Paper 12

Von: Veronika Gössweiner, Christiane Pfeiffer, Rudolf Richter

Working Paper Nr. 12 | 2002 | 17 Seiten

Complementary to the work of its National Experts within the scope of focus monitoring, the European Observatory on the Social Situation, Demography and Family carried out an Internet search project on the subjects of quality of life and social quality, with a view to obtaining relevant information for the EU and the National Experts. The following working paper investigates the use of the two concepts, both from a scientific perspective and from the European Union’s point of view. Information sources are English and German-language scientific publications, EU documents and other associated information (e.g. from NGOs) obtained from the Internet. Accordingly, the large number of sources published on the subject in book form is not included in this paper.

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