Youth-relevant data collections in Austria and Europe

In this project, studies and surveys regularly providing youth-related data are systematically collected. The aim is to provide all persons interested in the topic of youth with low-threshold access to data and information.

Quantitative studies that are conducted regularly or repeatedly over a longer period of time are recorded. The publications must meet scientific standards or the data must be available to the public. The focus is not only on the narrower field of youth research, but surveys from other research fields are also taken into account, as long as there is at least a partial reference to youth. The focus is on the age group 0 to 30 years.

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The data collection list currently contains 76 entries.

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You can also download the list of data collection as a PDF-Document or Excel-spreadsheet.

For enquiries please contact Rudolf Schipfer: or tel: 01 4277 489 13 at the ÖIF.